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Department of Probability Theory,
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Mechanics and Mathematics

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Bachelor programs

Master programs

PhD entrance exams

Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv trains researchers for the following degrees:


Doctor of Philosophy is an education and the first academic research degree pursued on the third level of higher education based on a Master's degree.

PhD is awarded by a special council of an academic or research institution upon successful completion of the required educational program and successful public defense of a doctoral thesis on a public oral exam.

A PhD degree is to be pursued in the course of postgraduate studies.

Persons who are professionally engaged in scientific, technical or academic activity are eligible to pursue a PhD degree without enrollment in a postgraduate program, in particular while on a creative leave, given successful completion of a corresponding academic program and successful defense of the thesis before a special academic council.

The normative duration of postgraduate studies for obtaining a PhD degree is four years.

The program comprises 30-60 ECTS credits.

Research institutions are eligible for training PhD candidates according to their own program on license. Research institutions are also eligible for training PhD students according to the program agreed with an academic institution. In this case, the research component of the program is implemented at a research institution, and the educational component is implemented at the academic institution.


Doctor is the second academic degree pursued based on PhD and envisages acquiring the highest competencies in the spheres of development and implementation of research methodology, conducting original research, obtaining research results which are instrumental in solving theoretical or applied problems, are of national or international significance and are published in scholarly journals.

PhD is awarded by a special council of an academic or research institution upon successful public defense of a dissertation or a published monograph, or based on the scholarly articles published in national and international specialized peer-reviewed journals, the list of which is approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


To apply for a Master's program of your choice, please, provide the invitation for studies as well as other required documents and undergo an interview on professional training.