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Department of Probability Theory,
and Actuarial Mathematics

Mechanics and Mathematics

Tel/Fax: +38 (044) 431 04 67


Dmytro Tykhonenko


  • XXI International Scientific Practical Conference Shevchenkivska Vesna 2023, Kyiv, Ukraine (2023)
    Title of the talk: i i i i 𝑉(𝜙, 𝜓) ( . )


      • Articles
        • 2023
          • Tykhonenko, D., & Yamnenko, R. "Supremum Distribution of Weighted Sum of Random Processes from Orlicz Spaces of Exponential Type with Continuous Deviation". Austrian Journal of Statistics, Vol.52(SI), Iss. pp. 94 - 106, - 2023

        First name: Dmytro
        Surname: Tykhonenko
        Date of birth:
        E-mail: tykhonenko.dmytro (at) gmail.com
        Current position:
        Ph.D. Student