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Department of Probability Theory,
and Actuarial Mathematics

Mechanics and Mathematics

Tel/Fax: +38 (044) 431 04 67


Vitaliy Miroshnychenko

Courses taught:

Course nameSpecialityYear of study
Probability Theory Mathematics Bachelor - 2
Computer statisticsMiddle education (Mathematics)Bachelor - 3
Machine Learning AlgorithmsStatistics Bachelor - 3
Machine Learning AlgorithmsMiddle education (Mathematics)Bachelor - 3


  • XX Internatonal Scentfic-Practcal Conference Shevchenk- vska Vesna - 2022, Kyv, Ukrane (2022)
    Title of the talk: Maboroda R.E., Mroshnychenko V.O. -
  • The 4- th Internatonal Conference on Statstcs: Theory and Applcatons, Vrtual conference., Prague, Czech Republc (2022)
    Title of the talk: Mroshnychenko V.O. Jackknfe for nonlnear estmatng equatons
  • International Conference of Young Mathematicians, Kyiv, Ukraine (2019)
    Title of the talk: Asymptotics of generalized least squares estimates for mixture of nonlinear regressions
  • XVII International Scientific-Practical Conference "Shevchenkivska Vesna - 2019", Kyiv, Ukraine (2019)
    Title of the talk: i i ii i ii
  • Modern Stochastics: Theory And Applications. IV, Kyiv, Ukraine (2018)
    Title of the talk: Confidence Sets For Regression Coefficients By Observations From a Mixture
  • XV International Scientific-Practical Conference "Shevchenkivska Vesna - 2018", Kyiv, Ukraine (2017)
    Title of the talk: i i ii


      • Articles
        • 2022
          • Maboroda R., Mroshnchenko V., Sugakova O. "Jackknfe for nonlnear estmatng equatons". Modern Stochastcs: Theory and Applcatons, - 2022
          • Vitalii Miroshnichenko "Generalized least squares estimates for mixture of nonlinear regressions". Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv , pp. 25 - 29, - 2019
          • Rostyslav Maiboroda, Vitalii Miroshnichenko "Confidence ellipsoids for regression coefficients by observations from a mixture". Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications, Vol.5, Iss.2 - 2018

        First name: Vitaliy
        Surname: Miroshnychenko
        Date of birth:
        E-mail: vitaliy.miroshnychenko@knu.ua
        Tel: 098 579 26 42
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