12:20–12:45 Yu. Mishura On drift parameter estimation in models with fractional Brownian motion (joint talk with Yu. Kozachenko, A. Melnikov)
12:45–13:10 L. Sakhno Limit theorems for quadratic forms and applications
13:10–13:35 A. Olenko (La Trobe University of Melbourne) Limit theorems for cyclical long-range dependent random fields Abstract
13:35–14:00 Yu. Kozachenko On accuracy and reliability of calculation of multiple integrals by Monte-Carlo method (joint talk with Yu. Mlavets)
14:15–15:00 E. Orsingher (Sapienza University of Rome) Fractional Poisson processes
15:00–15:30 A. De Gregorio (Sapienza University of Rome) Random flights
15:30–15:55 G. Shevchenko Random variables as fractional stochastic integrals