Poster session

The poster session will be held in National Pedagogical University on Wednesday, September 8 after lunch.

Poster presentations

Diffusion Processes
Yu. Gordienko, O. Gatsenko, O. Baskova, G. Fedak, O. Lodygensky Diffusion Kinetics of Aggregation - Change of Scaling and Appearance of Scale-Free Distributions 

Fractal Analysis
O. Banna Approximation of fractional Brownian motion by Gaussian martingales 

Gaussian and Related Processes and Random Fields
O. Kamenshchykova, T.O. Yakovenko Approximation of periodic Lp(ω)-processes 
O. Mokliachuk On conditions of convergence in some Kσ spaces of random variables 
O. Polosmak, Yu. Kozachenko, A. Olenko Wavelet expansionas of random processes and their properties
L. Sakhno, N. Leonenko On the spectral representation of tensor random fields on the sphere
G. Shevchenko Path properties of multifractional Rosenblatt processes 
E. Shramko The buffer overflow probability for a queue with input process from class V(φ,ψ) 
K. Veresh The conditions for application of Fourier method to the solution of nonhomogeneous parabolic equation with Orlicz right side 

Limit Theorems for Stochastic Processes and Fields
A. Logachov Functional iterated logarithm law for some martingales 
A. Olenko, Yu. Mishura Limit theorems for Gaussian random fields with singularities at non-zero frequencies 

Mathematics of Finance
V. Tomashyk Optimal Stopping Problems for Some Classes of Random Processes 
Yu. Yukhnovskiy Application of functional limit theorems for stochastic integrals on multidimensional financial market 

Markov and Semi-Markov Processes
N. Buhrii, B. Kopytko Some limit theorem for semi-Markov process 
V. Golomoziy Stability estimate of time-homogeneous Markov chains 

Queuing Systems
N. Djellab, K. Nawel Arrar, J.-B. Baillon Asymptotic behaviour of the number of customers in retrial group of the M/G/1 retrial queue with batch arrivals 

Stochastic Analysis
A. Makarova On stochastic differential inclusions with current velocities 

Stochastic Differential Equations
S. Bodnarchuk Conditions for smoothness of the distribution density of solution of multidimensional linear SDE with Levy noise 
I. Novak, O. Stanzhitskyi Asymptotically equivalent stochastic systems with indefinite solutions 
A. Shvai Approximate solutions of mixed stochastic differential equations 

Stochastic Models of Evolution Systems
K. Kosarevych, Ya. Yelejko On random distributions in portfolio analysis 

Statistics of Stochastic Processes
I. Dubovetska, A.Yu. Masyutka, M.P. Moklyachuk Interpolation problem for periodically correlated stochastic sequences 
V. Kuzmin, S. Lapach, S. Paltsun The new approach to bimodal testing of small sample 
R. Maiboroda, O. Sugakova Adaptive estimation by observations from mixture with varying concentrations 
A. Savchenko Correction of T(q)-likelihood estimator in linear measurement error model 
N. Semenovska Interpolation problem for random field by finite set of observations from infinite cylindric surface 
A. Slyvka-Tylyshchak, O. Sunjavska Modeling of solution of problem of round membrane's vibrations with random factors
G. Sokhadze, Z. Zerakidze On subordinate statistical structures 
N. Tovmachenko, I. Pylypenko, V. Karpov, Y. Karchev Using distance learning platform for the application of predictive analytic software of statistics in statistical education in Ukraine