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Wednesday, September 8

Room F, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: O. Baranovskyi
1430-1500M. Pratsiovytyi, O.M. Baranovskyi Random variables represented by the first Ostrogradsky series by means of arithmetic progression
1500-1530G. Torbin On some open problems related to infinite Bernoulli convolutions
1530-1550R. Nikiforov, G. Torbin Fractal properties of probability measures with independent q-symbols and their applications
1550-1610A. Bărbulescu, A. A. Carsteanu Statistical analysis and multifractals models of rainfall of Romania
1610-1630O. Honzl Asymptotics of surface area of Wiener sausage
1630-1700 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: M. Pratsiovytyi
1700-1720I. Pratsiovyta, G.Torbin On singularity of probability measures connected to the continued fractions, Ostrogradsky-Pierce and the second Ostrogradsky expansions
1720-1740M. Lebid, G. Ivanenko, G. Torbin On generalized infinite Bernoulli convolutions with overlaps and their fractal properties
1740-1800L. Kirichenko, Z.V. Deineko, T.A. Radivilova Application of DFA method in fractal analysis of time series of different nature
1800-1820N. Vasylenko ̂ω representations for real numbers and related probability distributions

Friday, September 10

Room F, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: G. Torbin
1430-1450A. Kalashnikov Some fractal properties of classical singular functions
1450-1510O. Panasenko Some common properties of singular and nondifferentiable functions from the one class of self-affine functions
1510-1530D. Kyurchev Topological, metric and fractal properties of distributions of random variables with independent elements of A2-continued fractions
1530-1550N. Korsun Fractal properties of distributions of infinite Bernoulli convolutions with some homogeneity condition
1550-1610A. Shevchenko Generalized Bernoulli convolutions and their fractal properties
1610-1630Yu. Zhykhareva, M. Pratsiovytyi Random variables with independent elements of their representation by positive Lüroth series and their fractal properties