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Thursday, September 9

Room D, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: A. Fall
1430-1500A. Alekseychuk, A.S. Shevtsov Fast algorithms for statistical estimation of maximal probabilities of bilinear approximation of boolean mappings
1500-1530M. Savchuk Multidimensional statistical tests for binary sequences
1530-1600A. Ronzhin, V.N. Surikov Lifetime of random binary sequence in brute force
1600-1630V. Masol, S.Ya. Slobodian Properties of distribution of the number of solutions of a system of random equations over the field GF(q), q=2,3
1630-1700L. Kovalchuk, V.T. Bezditnyi Practical security estimations of block cipher “Kalina” against integer differential cryptoanalysis

Friday, September 10

Room D, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: M. Savchuk
1430-1450A. Khurramov Calculation of the generalized estimations of memberships of the classification objects by dominiant intervals
1450-1510S. Pometun About security of the small modified stream ciphers against algebraic attacks
1510-1530S. Yakovlev Upper bounds of r-round differential probability of unbalanced MISTY-like ciphers
1530-1550V. Sharapov Usage of the hidden Markov models in analysis of random sequences
1550-1610P. Endovytskii Asymptotic behavior of group size in the birthday paradox