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Thursday, September 9

Room H, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: B. Kopytko
1430-1500A. Pilipenko Stochastic flows generated by stochastic differential equations with reflection
1500-1520A. Novosyadlo, B. Kopytko Multidimensional generalized diffusion processes that are defined by a generating differential operators and Wentzel boundary conditions
1520-1540P. Kononchuk, B. Kopytko Operator semigroups associated with diffusion processes in medium with membrane with nonlocal boundary condition given on It
1540-1600O. Aryasova Diffusion processes with semipermeable membranes on nonsmooth surfaces
1600-1620V. Gasanenko Small deviations of Markov processes with large trend
1620-1640Yu. Prykhodko On the limit behavior of a scaled random walk with a membrane
1640-1700R. Shevchuk Integral representation of a multiplicative operator family that describes nonhomogeneous diffusion process on a half-line with general Wentzel boundary condition