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Wednesday, September 8

Room E, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: E. Orsingher
1430-1500V. Anisimov Switching processes in queueing models
1500-1520A. Swishchuk Approximations of evolution systems by geometric Markov renewal processes
1520-1540M. Fedotkin Construction and analysis of probabilistic models for evolution systems with control
1540-1600A. Korkhin Modeling method of stochastic systems with parameters varying in time
1620-1700 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: V. Anisimov
1700-1720I. Samoilenko Some new results on weak convergence of random evolutions
1720-1740S. Semenyuk, Ya.M. Chabanyuk Asymptotic of stochastic approximation procedure with impulsive perturbations
1740-1800V. Doobko Integral invariants, invariants and and generalization of the Ito-Ventsel's formula for Ito generalized equations
1800-1820Ya. Chabanyuk Stochastic optimization in semi-Markov media
1820-1840Yu. Virchenko, M.A. Saprykin The infinite dimensional Gaussian random processes in the stochastic model of radiative conductance