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Thursday, September 9

Room F, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: V. Buldygin
1430-1500T. Pogány On the stable Sα(β, γ, μ) distribution
1500-1520T. Sottinen Conditional full support for Gaussian processes with stationary increments
1520-1540S. Krasnitskiy On necessary conditions of equivalence of Gaussian generalized random fields distributions
1540-1600O. Kurchenko, Yu. Kozachenko Levy-Baxter theorems for one class of non-Gaussian random fields
1600-1620K. Ralchenko Absolute continuous approximations for multifractional Brownian motions and fields
1620-1640Yu. Kozachenko, I. Rozora, Ye. Turchyn On one expansion for a class of random processes