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Tuesday, September 7

Room E, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: D. Silvestrov
1430-1450N. Kartashov Asymptotic of solutions of inhomogeneous perturbations of the renewal equation
1450-1510D. Konstantinides, Fotis Loukissas Precise large deviations for consistently varying-tailed distributions in the compound renewal risk model
1510-1530E. Ragulina On a ruin probability of an insurance company that operates on a (B,S) -market
1530-1550A. Tymko On approximation by a mix of shifted exponential distributions
1550-1610S. Volkotrub Asset/liability management for life insurers: paid-up insurance increments
1610-1630G. Saidi, A. Aissani Inequalities of imperfect repair process
1630-1650 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: D. Konstantinides
1650-1710O. Schyberg, A. Malyarenko, D. Silvestrov Monte Carlo based software for analysis of reinsurance processes
1710-1730V. Chernecky Non-ruin probalities in arithmetic case
1730-1750Y. Ni Nonlinearly perturbed renewal equations: the non-polynomial case
1750-1810E. Ekheden, D. Silvestrov Explicit rates of convergence for ruin probabilities for reinsurance risk processes