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Tuesday, September 7

Room B, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: I. Fazekas
1430-1500V. Zaiats Application of irregular sampling in statistical models involving stochastic processes
1500-1530A. Kukush, S.V. Shklyar, S.V. Masiuk Estimation of radiation risk under uncertainity in doses from the Chernobyl accident
1530-1550A. Mekler Statistical method of selecting the genes for Tumor signature
1550-1610I. Orlovsky Asymptotic normality of M-estimates in classical nonlinear regression model
1610-1630B. Zhurakovskyi, A.V. Ivanov Detection of hidden periodicities in the model with long range dependent noise
1630-1650 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: A. Ivanov
1650-1720S. Shklyar Conditions for consistency of total least squares estimator in a multivariate linear regression model
1720-1750O. Nakonechny Minimax estimates of solutions of abstract Dirichlet and Neumann problems under nonstationary observations
1750-1810I. Savych, A.V. Ivanov Asymptotic properties of Koenker-Bassett estimator in the regression model with long-range dependence

Wednesday, September 8

Room B, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: S. Shalabh
1430-1500M. Kleptsyna, A. Brouste, A. Popier Fractional diffusion with partial observations
1500-1530I. Fazekas Asymptotic normality of kernel type density estimators for random fields
1530-1550L. Sakhno Asymptotic normality of spectral estimates
1550-1610I. Blazhievska On the cross-correlogram estimation of impulse response functions in linear systems
1610-1630O. Masyutka, M.P. Moklyachuk Minimax estimation problem for multidimensional stationary processes
1630-1700 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: S. Baran
1700-1720G. Sokhadze, P. Babilua, E. Nadaraya Limit distribution of a quadratic deviation of a nonparametric estimate of the Bernoulli regression
1720-1740O. Sugakova Estimation by mixtures of symmetric distributions
1740-1800N. Shchestyuk Minimax approach to kriging
1800-1820A. Shatashvili, A.A. Fomin-Shatashvili, T.A. Fomina Effective building of optimal prognosis for the solution of Riccati equation perturbed by a Gaussian random process
1820-1840E. Usoltseva Nonparametric estimation in survival analysis

Thursday, September 9

Room B, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: A. Kukush
1430-1500S. Shalabh Instrumental variable estimation in measurement error model under exact restrictions
1500-1530S. Zwanzig On consistent R-estimators in errors-in-variables models
1530-1600S. Baran Asymptotic inference of a spatial unit root autoregressive model
1600-1630N. Markovich Modeling of dependence by moderate samples
1630-1650A. Kitaeva, G.M. Koshkin Semi-Recursive Nonparametric Identification of a Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Autoregression