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Tuesday, September 7

Room A, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: E. Lebedev
1430-1500A. Dudin, V.I. Klimenok Structured multi-dimensional Markov chains and their application for investigation of queues
1500-1530A. Gómez-Corral Optimal balking strategies in the single-server queue with vacations
1530-1600L. Lakatos On a class of retrial systems
1600-1630G. Mishkoy Generalized priority systems
1630-1650 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: L. Lakatos
1650-1710M. Pytka Steady state analysis of an Em/M/1/N queue with repeated calls
1710-1730J. Sztrik Tool supported analysis of queueing systems
1730-1750A. Aissani Light tailed asymptotics in an unreliable M/G/1 retrial queue
1750-1810E. Sudyko Investigation of the system MAP/M/1/RQ by the method of asymptotical semiinvariants of third-order asymptotic

Wednesday, September 8

Room A, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: A. Dudin
1430-1500E. Lebedev Functional limit theorems for the [G|GI|∞]r - networks
1500-1530K. Avrachenkov Retrial queues and networks with constant retrial rates
1530-1550V. Klimenok, O.S. Taramin Tandem queues with semi-Markovian arrival process
1550-1610A. Zorine Stability of a tandem queueing system with delayed Bernoulli transition of customers
1610-1630V. Dragieva A finite source retrial queue: number of retrials
1630-1700 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: K. Avrachenkov
1700-1720S. Pustova, E.V. Koba Retrial queueing system with Erlang-2 distributed service times
1720-1740V. Ivnitski Obtaining nonstationary moments of Markovian queueing networks
1740-1800V. Ponomarov On optimization of income in finitesource retrial queues
1800-1820A. Gorbatenko Research of retrial queueing system with input MAP in a condition of limit rare changes of its state

Thursday, September 9

Room A, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: G. Mishkoy
1430-1500N. Kuznetsov On some research guidelines initiated by articles of I.N.Kovalenko, full member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
1500-1530A. Zeifman On Mt/Mt/N/N+R queue
1530-1550M. Postan, N.V. Rumyantsev Application of Markov drift processes to modeling the queueing/storage systems with servers' vacation
1550-1610I. Usar, E.A. Lebedev Retrial queues with controlled local parameters
1610-1630R. Yamnenko Storage processes from the class V(φ,ψ)
1630-1650A. Chechelnitsky, O.V. Kucherenko Asymtotic properties of some queueing model with parallel structure