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Tuesday, September 7

Room C, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: Yu. Kondratiev
1430-1500T. Fattler Construction of a Ginzburg-Landau dynamics on a wall with additional self-potential
1500-1530D. Finkelshtein Vlasov equation for the Glauber dynamics in continuum
1530-1600M.J. Oliveira Varadhan's construsction for fractional Brownian motion: the Edward's model
1600-1630J.L. da Silva The fractional Poisson measure in infinite dimensions
1630-1650 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: T. Fattler
1650-1720A. Rebenko, S.M Petrenko, M.V. Tertychnyi On quasi-continuous approximation in classical statistical mechanics
1720-1750T. Kuna Realizability of correlation functions
1750-1810F. Conrad Construction and analysis of Langevin dynamics with singular interaction potentials

Wednesday, September 8

Room C, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: J.L. da Silva
1430-1500C. Boldrighini Random walk of two particles in Zd with local interaction
1500-1530A. Daletskii Cluster measures on configuration spaces
1530-1550B. Baur Feynman formula for parabolic equations in smooth bounded domains
1550-1610W. Bock Feynman integrands in phase space as white noise distributions
1610-1630T.T. Mai SPDEs by operator semi-groups and applications to industrial mathematics
1630-1700 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: A. Daletskii
1700-1720H.P. Suryawan Some ideas on the Edwards model for dH > 1
1720-1740A. Vogel A new Wick formula for products of White Noise distributions and application to Feynman path integrands
1740-1800A. Yurachkivsky, N. Gorbovtsova Functional law of large numbers for empirical processes generated by interacting particles

Thursday, September 9

Room C, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: A. Rebenko
1430-1500O. Kutovyi Multiscale problems in individual based population models
1500-1520T. Pasurek Gibbs measures of continuous systems: an analytic approach
1520-1540L. Derdziuk Single- and multicomponent interacting particles systems in continuum
1600-1620N. Kachanovsky Elements of Wick calculus on parametrized Kondratiev-type test functions spaces of Meixner white noise
1620-1640D. Hagedorn On gamma measures and associated stochastic dynamics
1640-1700F. Polito, E. Orsingher Subordinated pure birth processes