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Wednesday, September 8

Room G, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: A. Manita
1430-1510R. Manca Insurance applications of Markov and semi-Markov reward processes
1510-1540R. Aliyev, T.A. Khaniyev On the moments of a semi-Markovian random walk with Gaussian distribution of summands
1540-1610M. Bratiichuk Creep probability for process with independent increments
1610-1630I. Samoilenko, I. Malyk Weak convergence of semi-Markov processes
1630-1700 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: R. Manca
1700-1720V. Knopova Some conditions on the existence of the transition probability density for Levy processes
1720-1750A. Manita Brownian particles with synchronization
1750-1820T. Nasirova, E.A. Haciyev Investigation of the distribution of semi-Markov process with difference walk with delaying screen in zero
1820-1840I. Kartashov Approximation of continuous time additive functionals from Markov chains with discontinuous characteristics
1840-1900B. Yeleyko Some limit theorem for semi-Markov process