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Tuesday, September 7

Room D, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: S. Makhno
1430-1500Ya. Belopolskaya, SDE's associated with fully nonlinear parabolic equations
1500-1530A. Kulik Averaging principle for random evolutions driven by the solutions to Ito-Levy type SDE's
1530-1550R. Melnik Nonsmooth control and stochastic partial differential equations in modelling complex systems
1550-1610O. Borysenko Limit behavior of the fourth order oscillating system
1610-1630S. Melnik Stability of a damping mode for quazi-linear parabolic equation with a strong stochastic source
1630-1650 Coffee break
Evening session, chairman: V. Yasinsky
1650-1710O. Deriyeva, P. Knopov On the control problem for stochastic differential equations with additive fractional Brownian motion
1710-1730I. Kachanova Limit behavior of the solutions of backward stochastic equations
1730-1750V. Zubchenko Properties of the solutions of stochastic differential equation with non-Lipschitz diffusion and Poisson measure
1750-1810S. Posashkova Stochastic differential equation with nonhomogeneous coefficients and non-Lipschitz diffusion: properties of solution and rate of convergence of Euler scheme to solution

Wednesday, September 8

Room D, National Pedagogical University
Afternoon session, chairman: Ya. Belopolskaya
1430-1500S. Makhno Limit behavior of solutions of stochastic equations with unbounded coefficients
1500-1530V. Yasinsky Investigation of the asymptotic behavior of the impulse diffusion stochastic dynamical systems of the random structure
1530-1600S. Anulova SDE: weak uniqueness implies joint uniqueness
1600-1630O. Stanzhitskyi Asymptotically equivalent stochastic systems with indefinite solutions
1630-1700 Coffee break
1700-1720C. Aghayeva, G. Yapakci Necessary condition of optimality for some stochastic switching system
1720-1740A. Yershov On weak convergence of integral type functionals of Markov sequences