• Stochastic dynamics. Development of research ideas of Anatoliy Skorokhod
    (chair Yu. Kondratiev, W. Bock, V. Koshmanenko, A. Veretennikov)
  • Evolution systems, branching processes and renewal theory.
    Dedicated to the main research topics of Volodymyr Korolyuk
    (chairs A. Iksanov, N. Limnios, I. Samoilenko)
  • Reliability, queueing and information security.
    Dedicated to the development of scientific ideas of Igor Kovalenko
    (chairs N. Kuznetsov, E. Lebedev, M. Savchuk)
  • Advanced topics in stochastic processes, fractional and related models.
    Dedicated, among other topics, to the newest achievements in the area of research of Yuriy Kozachenko
    (chairs N. Leonenko, Yu. Mishura, E. Orsingher)
  • Stochastic optimization
    (chairs P. Knopov, V. Norkin)
  • Fractal analysis
    (chairs M. Pratsiovytyj, G. Torbin)
  • Risk processes and actuarial mathematics
    (chair J. ┼áiaulys)
  • Statistics of stochastic processes and random fields
    (chairs A. Ivanov, A. Kukush, R. Maiboroda)
  • High-Dimensional Statistical Inference
    (chairs T. Bodnar, O. Okhrin)
  • Stochastic analysis and stochastic differential equations
    (chairs P. Imkeller, L. Viitasaari)